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Terry Lynch
Terry is a licenced TMG mortgage agent, based in Whitby, specializing in CHIP Reverse Mortgages as well as conventional residential mortgages, and can help you find the right mortgage to suit your needs. A CHIP Reverse Mortgage is the simple and sensible way to turn as much as 55% of the value in your home into tax-free cash you can use today!

Myths About Reverse Mortgages

Many of the myths surrounding CHIP Reverse Mortgages have often been as a result of information taken from American experiences. They have absolutely no relevance...

Pre-Planning Your Final Arrangements: A CHIP Reverse Mortgage Can Help

Pre-planning your own or your loved one’s funeral arrangements is something that is sometimes difficult to think about. But it is something that simply...

Should Senior Canadians Consider A Mortgage?

Recently we discovered an article published by The Globe and Mail, ‘Seniors taking out mortgages – is it ever a good idea?' By Diane...