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Walt Vosicka
Walt is a hybrid. He grew up in a craftsman blue collar family during the roaring 1960’s. Even as a child he used his hands and his creative brain to build models and other cool gizmos. His heroes in his teens were West Coast custom car builders, local drag racers and experimental aircraft designers. He loved drafting and designing all types of things during high school with a strong academic bent for physics and chemistry. In his senior year he decided that church work was his calling…that was a huge about face. Walt acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in classical languages and minor in philosophy. He received a Master of Divinity degree with a concentration in modern writing and religious thought. All throughout the eight years of post high school education he felt that the best way to reach people with the Gospel was where they spent most of their time – at their jobs. He was ordained and spent twelve years as a parish pastor exclusively working with problem churches. Walt succeeded but this high stress work but its took a toll on him personally as well as his marriage. He still felt a calling outside the organized church walls and on to the factory floor or in mechanic shops. He considered himself to be a Worker Priest – making his living outside the church, but volunteering his special professionally honed skills to churches he attended over the years. Walt and his wife, Christy, are spending their retirement in another exciting, valid ministry – WoggWorks Kayaking in Omaha, Nebraska. They have dedicated their retirement to helping their new congregation to get on the water, enjoy and focus God’s creation and leave the stress of their everyday lives behind for a few moments. WoggWorks Kayaking is a member of the American Canoe Association. In 2018 their organization/business received the prestigious national J. Henry Rushton Award for promoting paddle sports and water safety. This award is given out only once a year. The key to their success is treating everyone with respect and caring. Their clients span from many religious and ethic backgrounds. Their motto - There is always a kayak waiting for you at the shore – this applies to everyone. Walt has contributed articles to Canoe News, Guideposts Magazine and Seniors Lifestyle Magazine. He has written a couple of full length novels including Hidden In The Light, Two Taps and Winter Kill. His books are still looking for an agent and a publisher.
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