We have no control over the world situation or what the government will do to curb inflation, but we can try do to our best to control how much it is hurting us. Here are a few ideas that may be of use to you and the way you live starting with the easiest.

1. Get everything you can out of your supermarket. Shop at markets that give you discount cards such as Safeway and other large super markets. Some of the independent stores give seniors a discount on specific days or times. Explore your local opportunities.

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Buy items when they are on sale and then stock up. Use coupons if you can. Buy produce only when it is in season.

2. Use a credit card that gives you money back. Go online to find the best of those. Airline miles and other such perks are of less worth now. Shop for a card that does not have an annual fee as well as one that will return some % of cash based on your purchases.

3. Buy in bulk at mega stores if you can use the large quantities you have to buy from them. At least you can purchase non-perishables. Another option is to go in on large purchases with friends and family. Do some planning together.

4. Try to save some electricity by turning off all those things that glow all the time just to tellyou they are on. That is just plain waste. Convert lightbulbs to LEDs as they burn out. Ensure that under doors and around windows are sealed so you don’t lose heat. If you are chilly, put on a sweater or warmer clothes. If it is too hot, go to the library or the mall for a while.

Now it may be a little harder for you to do some of these things but they are worth considering.

1. Try growing some of your own food if you have a yard. If you don’t have a yard, some cities have community gardens where you can have your own plot. You can always grow fresh herbs on a windowsill.

2. For household goods there are strategic months of the year when some things are traditionally on sale. Checkout this website:
months-to-buy-things and everyone knows that the holiday weekends there are sales galore.

3. Not everyone can just go out and do this, but if you can afford to trade in your gas-guzzler on a hybrid or a purely electric car, you can save yourself up to over a $1,000 a year on gas. If you can’t do this at least plan your day to capture all the stops you need to make instead of doing multiple trips. Go places with other people so only one car gets taken. Don’t drive over
50mph. Track the price of gas with an app and buy where it is cheapest. Use public transportation and do more walking.

4. Create another source of income like babysitting or as a caregiver or handyman using whatever talents you have and are physically capable of doing.