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AmericanScreeningCorporation seotool 47787 OrganizationTipsfor image1

Being a caregiver to your elderly loved ones is not easy. Everybody ages differently,
and physical and mental health may begin to deteriorate at different speeds. You
may even find yourself caring for a parent or grandparent far sooner than either of
you planned on. Check out these organization tips for elderly caregivers to help you
stay on top of the issues and provide the best care you can.

Create and closely monitor a schedule

The elderly often have many doctor’s appointments to keep straight, and with their
condition, they may no longer have the best memory for these things. Take charge of their schedule and keep track of all their important appointments and dates for them.
Arrange transportation and supervision beforehand, if necessary, as well. This can
help both you and your loved one to stay on top of their health and schedule without

Stay on top of medications

Many aging people require different medicines for various conditions. As they
advance in age, they may become less able to properly monitor their own medicine
intake and will need you to take over. Another organization tip for elderly caregivers
is to dedicate one day every two weeks to organizing their pills.


Use weekly pill organizers to keep the pills straight. Weekly is the best option for many people because they are easier to keep track of. In the case that your loved one requires  a lot of medicine at specific points in the day, consider using daily organizers. Having
medicine sectioned out and ready can allow you to stay on top of medicine intake.

Keep a log

As your loved one progresses in the aging process, it can be helpful to keep a log of
their activities and health. This can help you monitor and aptly identify when changes
occur. Being someone’s full-time caretaker can make it difficult to notice changes in
behavior because you’re seeing them all the time. Keeping a log can help you to
recognize when health is worsening so you can seek medical attention.

As with any caretaking experience, taking care of your loved ones can be tiring. Be
sure to take care of and make time for yourself, in addition to caring for them.