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It goes without saying that grandchildren’s arrival is an exciting event for loving grandparents. Especially if such family gatherings happen not so frequently as you would like to.

No doubt, kids bring you energy, optimism, and a good mood. But is it always easy to find common ground with modern children? Here’s a list of useful tips on how to nail grandchildren visit on holidays.

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If You Are Going to Stay In with Your Grandchildren

In addition to arranging activities for your grandkids’ stay, you may need to make some home- and schedule-related adjustments.

1. Make your home safe. If your grandchildren don’t live nearby and rarely make a visit, your living place is likely to have no babyproof. In fact, this aspect is crucial when it comes to nosy little kids.

In order to enhance your grandchild’s protection, go around every room in your house and assess it for a kids-friendly environment:

  • Rearrange any furniture with sharp edges. Alternatively, you can apply special protective tapes or corner guards.
  • Pick up and hide any small items that could cause suffocation or accidental injury.
  • Block the electrical outlets with special covers.
  • Put away anything you don’t want to get damaged or that cannot be replaced, such as porcelain, delicate fabrics, or family heirlooms.

2. Prepare entertaining activities for your grandchildren. Ask your kids and grandkids about their favorite toys, puzzles, and board games. If needed, go shopping before your little guests arrive and choose age-appropriate trinkets.

If you’re planning a family gathering on holiday, you could think of a memorable present. That may be anything that your dearest have been dreaming about for long – a new electric scooter, light-up headphones, a PlayStation – make it special.

3. Deal with your sleeping routine. Purchase or borrow a baby crib or a mattress if necessary. Remember that you will need extra pillows, sheets, and blankets. Besides, it’s better to discuss a sleeping schedule with your grandkids in advance. Set “go to bed” time, so the kids could have a solid night’s sleep after an emotional day. 

4. Fill your fridge and pantry with food and snacks your grandkids love. But watch out they don’t sneak into the kitchen for extra yummies!

5. If you run out of entertainment ideas, go online and look for some kid-friendly activities in your area. You may stumble across jaw-dropping events, which both you and your little adventurers may be obsessed with. That’s a good option in order to learn something new and bond with the children. And having fun is also included in the package!

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

If You Are Going on a Trip with Your Grandchildren

  1. Engage your children in a preliminary discussion about your journey. Invite them to dinner to talk about options. If they live far away, no probs, a phone call is also a great idea. Consider your budget, interests, and the age of your grandchildren.

Financial issues to be solved include:

  • The sum of money parents can contribute to expenses.
  • The amount of money you’re able to contribute to cover payments, including flight tickets if needed.
  • The amount of money that can be allocated for each grandkid.

2. Ask your grandchildren what they want. If you have more than one grandkid, try to bear in mind everyone’s wishes. It can be a little tricky, but you could come up with a win-win plan that ensures no one will be disappointed.

If one grandkid wants to go camping and the other one wants to visit a museum, try to find a compromise. Perhaps one prefers to stroll down the woods, and the other kid is into swimming. Try to combine their preferences and think over a vacation that includes the forest where there’s also a spot for swimming.

Eventually, if you feel you can’t reach an agreement, you may have to resort to a coin toss. Additionally, if you’re short of your budget, be candid with your relatives and explain to your grandchildren how much money you can actually spend on vacation together.

3. Stay flexible. Even if you want to organize an educational trip for your grandchildren heading to a national park, keep your doors open to their wishes as well. Your number one priority is to spend time together with your loved ones and get lots of buzz.

If your grandkids’ dream vacation is a week at the theme park, get ready for it. Keep in mind that this is merely several days for you but the whole world for them.

4. Apart from that, we recommend searching the Internet for companies that specialize in organizing adventure trips for seniors and their grandchildren. Planning your family holiday may be thrilling, but if you find it complicated, it’s better to contact a specialist who could help you sort things out.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your grandchildren during holidays is a great way to band together and make heartwarming memories. Whether you are planning to stay at home or take the kids on a trip, considering every detail may help make your gathering time more cheerful and diverting.