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Daily modern life takes its toll on our bodies – both physically and mentally. Whether you have a full-time job, children to take care of, or a daily exercise regimen, the strains of daily life can leave you feeling exhausted. So many factors play a role in concepts like fatigue, stress and weakness that it can be difficult to identify all of the individual culprits.

If you are struggling with finding more energy and want to do so in a responsible fashion, then keep reading to find out about five tips that can help restore your vigor and leave you feeling more energized through each day.

Adopt a Regular Sleep Cycle

Our bodies are naturally designed to sleep and rest for one-third of our lives. While sleep can be beneficial in both short and long-term bursts, natural patterns and routines that promote daily energy require regularity.

Much like many people work a set schedule, eat on a regular schedule and interact with friends and family on a recurring schedule, a structured sleep cycle is equally important. By setting a specific period of time during which you will lay down to sleep, you can unwind and ultimately relax. This will naturally regulate circadian rhythms and ensure that your peak energy is present during consistent periods throughout each day.

Eliminate Caffeine (Seriously!)

Many people who are otherwise feeling sluggish resort to caffeine use to promote energy and activity throughout the day. Yet this is a ruse: caffeine doesn’t provide the body with energy, but instead shuts off receptors in the brain that make us feel tired. The end result? Once the effects of caffeine wear off, we feel worse than we would have without using it.

Given caffeine has a 5-hour effect on the body, using it at any point potentially disrupts sleep and/or agitates the natural energy processes of the body. While eliminating caffeine from your daily regimen may result in a couple of days of irritation and lethargy, it will ultimately produce a more regulated energy level for you throughout each day.

Take Care of Your Muscles

Muscle pain is a debilitating yet common problem for countless people, causing varying levels of pain and discomfort. Yet all too many fail to realize that this chronic problem affects both physical and mental awareness and acuity.

Relaxed and pain-free muscles can produce a world of difference. Even if you’re not suffering from major pain in the back, shoulders or various joints, treatments such as massage therapy can have a major effect on day-to-day energy and activity. Understanding the major causes of back pain and other troublesome muscle issues can produce meaningful results that boost day-to-day energy.

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is crucial to energy. While humans may be able to survive for days – or even weeks – without food, water is an entirely different story. A majority of people are chronically dehydrated: this has a big impact on daily energy levels.

Consistent water intake each day is crucial to feeling your best. If you’re waiting until you feel thirsty, then you’ve waited too long: drinking anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces of water throughout each waking hour of the day will naturally boost every function of your body and leave you feeling energized.

Incorporate Routine Exercise

Daily exercise can naturally boost our body’s endorphins and leave us feeling more refreshed. It is natural for humans to have specific periods during each day when we feel more sluggish: choosing to exercise or move about during these periods can mitigate this issue and further help regulate sleep patterns as well.

The American Heart Association recommends 60 minutes per day of physical activity. Fortunately, this activity can be broken up over multiple periods throughout each day. While it’s not recommended to exercise close to bedtime, you can pick various moments in the morning, afternoon and early evening to incorporate routine exercise.

While a bit of effort is required, just a few simple changes can produce noticeable differences in your daily energy levels. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, why not try incorporating these meaningful changes into your daily routine?