Benefits of a rowing machine

Water Rower rowing machines are great for those who want to get in shape by burning calories and building muscle. Rowing is a great kind of exercise since it improves your cardiovascular health and muscular strength in every efficient session. Rowing machines provide an effective and versatile cardio workout for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Is Rowing a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Exercise bikes and elliptical trainers are just two examples of the many various kinds of cardio devices now on the market that may aid in weight reduction. But using a rowing machine is one of the most reliable and efficient methods of weight loss.

It’s possible to burn fat and lose weight the healthy way by rowing regularly and consistently, without starving yourself or running many miles on a treadmill every day.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, rowing machines are the next best thing to a full-body workout and can help you shed the most weight of any exercise equipment.

What are the Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine?

1. Improving your balance

Rowing strengthens your core and lower back, two muscle groups that are crucial to avoiding slips. If you work out these key muscles, you’ll find that you have more mobility and flexibility. When you combine rowing with another flexibility-increasing exercise, like yoga or pilates, you’ll see rapid improvements in your range of motion.

2. Strengthen the muscles in your body

Although it is claimed that many exercise machines can provide their customers with a full-body workout, the reality is that this is not always the case. Both the treadmill and the exercise bikes are great for strengthening the legs, but they aren’t as effective at doing the same for the upper body. As a matter of fact, rowing works every muscle in your body, not just your legs or arms.

3. Good on the joints

Most workout equipment has the potential to cause damage with prolonged usage. Since you’ll be sitting while using a rowing machine, it’s considerably easier on your joints than running on a treadmill, no matter how cushioned it is. 

As a result of the minimal impact, indoor rowing machines are gentler on your joints and are therefore a safer option for working out if you’re concerned about damage.

4. Burn as many calories as possible

While burning calories is a side effect of every activity, few are as efficient or effective as rowing on a machine. When compared to distance runners, elite rowers may expend twice as many calories in a 2,000-meter activity.

What Parts of the Body Benefit from Using a Rowing Machine?

When used correctly, rowing machines are better than other forms of exercise because they allow you to train almost every muscle in your body. 

Rowing strengthens the lower body by using the muscles in the thighs, hips, and calves. The deltoids, triceps, wrist extensors and flexors, pecs, rhomboids, and trapezius are all used in the first phase of the pulling action performed by the upper body.

After completing the pull-back, the handlebar should be brought to the sternum or within a few inches of the belly button, at which point you should feel a strong contraction in your biceps. Rowing also strengthens your abdominal and side muscles (obliques and abs).

What Other Exercises Can You Do on a Rowing Machine?

1. Leg Presses

Get into the catch position and extend your arms straight in front of you while holding the handle. Keep your back straight and your knees slightly bent as you stretch your legs back and push back on the pads. Make sure you don’t pull back on the handle before bending your knees and returning to the catch.

2. Underhand Strokes

Beginning in a standard catch stance, flip your hands so that the palms are facing up and use an underhand grip on the handle. Full strokes performed with an underhand grip increase triceps involvement.

3. Side to Side Rows

To perfect your catch, try switching your hands so that your left palm is below the ball and your right palm is on top. As you push back with your knees, bring your left shoulder to your chest by pulling the handle to the right.

Get the Most Out of Your Exercise With a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines provide an efficient and adaptable workout that is suitable for persons of different ages and levels of fitness. Rowing is one of the best exercises for your heart and lungs, as well as the rest of your body since it gives you a full-body workout.