The Most Dangerous Spinal Injuries for Senior Citizens scaled
The Most Dangerous Spinal Injuries for Senior Citizens scaled

The spinal cord is a complex part of the human anatomy. It has an impact on so many other aspects of the body, and any injury to it could have far-reaching consequences. Spinal injuries can be more common for people as they age, and the negative impacts from these problems might be more pronounced. Here are some of the most dangerous injuries to the spinal cord that senior citizens might face.

Hemodynamic Complications

Thoracic injuries occur as damage to the middle part of your spine. Compared to other parts of the spinal column, injuries to this area are relatively rare. However, they can usually be some of the most dangerous ones in senior citizens. This is because issues with this area lead to poor blood supply. Many seniors struggle with restricted blood flow already. Exacerbating these complications could lead to higher incidents of paralysis or stroke.

Degenerated Disc

As people age, sometimes their bones are not as strong as they were in their younger years. One of more discs in the spinal cord could become weaker over time. Any degeneration like this is a form of injury itself, but it can also cause serious secondary problems if left unchecked. Depending on which places in the spinal column are affected, some loss of motor function may be present. It is important to meet with a qualified orthopedic surgeon to discuss what you might be able to do to correct this issue.

Lumbar Problems

You may know some senior citizens who complain of lower back pain frequently. This part of the spinal column is the most common area to see injuries. While these problems may be common, some of them are also serious. A lower back injury can result in pain to the extremities that might take weeks to recede on its own, if it does at all. These issues can lead to muscle spasms, muscle weakness, and general loss of mobility as it becomes harder for the senior to move.

Pelvis Breakage

The sacrum is the lowest region of the spinal column and plugs into the pelvic part of the body. This area usually sees injury only after a catastrophic accident, but it can also be one of the most dangerous complications. A shattered pelvis bone will require some surgery, and it could be life-threatening if not treated as fast as possible.

We tend to think of the spinal cord as one single piece in the overall human anatomy. However, it is really a column of nerves protected and secured by the vertebrae. SCIs can be more common in senior citizens who are more prone to falling or tripping than younger people. If a senior’s bones are brittle, a more dangerous break could occur as well. There are also spinal concussions that result in temporary disfunction that usually lasts for a few days.