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Why most of the people fear to talk on stage? Why do most people fear to start a conversation with a stranger? Why most of the people have serious faces all the time? These are some of the situations many people face. The same problem occurs to the people who never smile. They have thoughts like what if I smile too much? What if my teeth are yellow? Will people comment on my smile? These negative thoughts often occur when you have yellow teeth and other dental problems. Situations of teeth whitening before and after are very different. People tend to have many advantages with a whiter smile.

If you don’t have proper white teeth, you may hesitate to talk and smile. This leads to disconnection from the people. You may shy to as doubts to lecturers or friends in schools/colleges. Lonely life leads to depression which affects academics or job performance.







We are social animals, and no matter how much we develop in terms of technology or other aspects, we need people to talk, share feelings and expressing love. Bad teeth will affect this phase, and you will start getting bad thoughts about life. Another side of the coin is a happy life, and these are some of the advantages with teeth whitening.

Your self-confidence will improve

We generally make sure that clothes are ironed before going to any place. It is because that improves your self-confidence. In the same way, having a great smile will enhance your self-confidence to another level.

Handling any kind of situations with a smile is peaceful. When you smile, the people on the other side also gets a positive vibe about your personality. Every time you smile, the body releases serotonin and endorphins which lifts the mood up and boosts your energy and self-confidence.

A whiter smile will make a white impression

The first impression is the last impression. People will show more interest to talk if you have a genuine and whiter smile. Smiling makes you look smart, attractive, confident and sincere. During new project discussions, clients will get a positive feeling seeing a smile on your face. People avoid negative people and try to surround themselves with the positive ones. You will come first in their list as your whiter smile will give positive vibes all around.

It will improve your social life

As said above, people like to surround themselves with happy and positive people. If you have yellow teeth, you may not feel comfortable smiling. You may not be even comfortable in talking too as this will reveal the yellow teeth. This gives a confusing impression on your face.

This increases the gap and makes you lonely.

On the other hand, you have a bright smile. People often appreciate your whiter smile, and this makes you feel nice. Social life gets improved to a whole new level, and you will have a lot of friends to have fun in life.

You will look younger and healthier

We eat from the mouth. Yellow teeth and other dental problems are an indication of unhygienic oral health. Whatever we eat becomes unhygienic before going to stomach. This leads to health problems.

Making sure of white teeth will make you look younger and healthy. White teeth are an indication of hygienic mouth. In this case, foods will be hygienic at the time of digestion, and you will be healthier and, when you are healthier, you look younger.

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Your oral health will improve

Complex tasks like digestion, filtering waste, pumping blood are taken care of by the brain. All we need to do is take care of our body by eating nutritious foods, maintaining oral health, etc. Among all the body parts, facial parts are sensitive including eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. We need to take extra care for them.

Whitening the teeth are helpful for better oral health. The mouth will be clean with a less percentage of virus thus gaining good oral health.

How to get whiter teeth?

Most of the people will get yellow teeth and other dental problems due to bad food habits. That can be controlled with regulating bad foods and brushing teeth twice a day. But the easier way is to buy at-home teeth whitening kit.

It is totally safe and easy to use without any side effects. Essential Oxygen is one of the companies that people trust so much as their whitening kit works without fail. Whitening kit consists of these products.

1)    BR Organic Brushing Rinse: After waking up in the morning, swish with this rinse for at least a minute and spit out. This clears the bacteria accumulated in your mouth.

2)    BR Organic Toothpaste: This toothpaste consists of organic ingredients and will help in getting in whiter teeth and good breath.

3)    BR On-Demand Tooth Polish: This can be used for polishing teeth and making it look more whiter than ever. Tooth polish is safe to use as this powder is made of organic materials. Clear instructions can be checked from the Essential Oxygen company website.

Whiter teeth lead to a happy life. If socializing with people and depression are your problems then whitening your teeth will solve the issues. What we do today decides our future. So, work on having healthy and white teeth, you will then have a wonderful life ahead.