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Are you a caregiver? Do you have the help you need to look after your senior loved one or elderly parent? Everyday tens of thousands of people are turning 65 in North America, that means more and more people over the years to come will need caregiving help from family or senior care facilities.

The norm now seems to be that the family takes 80 percent of the responsibility for senior care in Ontario. With more and more stories popping up about the gaps in ‘the system’ no matter where you live, causes concern or should for most of us. Where will the care come from? What might I need to do? Am I ready to caregive? Is there money for care?

Waiting lists are not getting shorter for senior care facilities and home care is causing families to burn out. Senior depression is on the rise because the hospitals and senior care homes just do not feel like “home” to our aging population. In fact, some have joked around about what is better Prison or Long Term Care…how crazy is that! What are we doing?

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And although Jim’s story in this article is specific to Ontario, these scenarios are happening in every province in Canada and every state in the US. And around the world. Something has to happen. What are your thoughts on this subject? We would love to hear your stories and concerns!