An Apple A day scaled
An Apple A day scaled

We have posted a few articles on senior health and proper diets. Including

What if you knew for sure that adjusting your diet meant you may not need to take certain medications? What if this new way of life including not only making you feel better but improving certain ailments?

Well it is suggested that getting back to ‘grassroots’  may help us reduce the need for certain medications. Senior health is so important and looking at alternate options may be for you.

So what are grassroots?

Exactly what it sounds like. The basics. The natural. Stuff that grows in the ground i.e. veggies or things that grow from something in the ground like fruits on a tree.

Natural whole grains, not processed food and certainly not animal fat. Ugh…so much for that steak,right? Now in saying that, it is suggested that animals that are feed grass only are perhaps okay to eat. In fact get many nutritional benefits from the grass the animal ate. As long, that is all the animal is fed.  So maybe you don’t need to give that up.

Talk to your doctor and a nutritionist. Ask questions. Go over what you like to eat and source alternatives. Discuss what to add and remove from your existing diet. Fgure out how to add essential nutrients to your diet that may help reduce some of your symptoms.

This doesn’t mean you can never indulge. What it suggests is your spend some time getting on track to save yourself some pain later.

Always do what is right for you!

The original article speaks to an actual doctor who wishes he had changed his diet prior to needing bypass surgery and has reaped some great rewards since changing what he eats. Check it out here