SLM Talks to Senior Winter Falls scaled
SLM Talks to Senior Winter Falls scaled

In September, in honour of National Fall Prevention Day we posted some articles to help seniors avoid falls and understand the impact of them. Now that winter has arrived, there are many things to consider to avoid senior falls that can be debilitating and sometimes life threatening.

Here are some things to consider to make sure seniors falls don’t happen this winter:

1. The great outdoors can be slippery – ensure you use de-icers or salt to melt and icy patches in your walkways or driveways.

2. We are inside more in the winter, and often put down loose carpets to repel dirt and moisture when people come into our homes. Check to make sure that the mats are secure and not a tripping mechanism.

3. Regardless of weather, many of us venture outside! Which is great for senior health. Make sure you have appropriate footwear on. Non slip soles and traction are imperative if you are out and about walking or hiking. Get those boots or hiking shoes!

4. When inside, make sure your socks or slippers have non-skid on them to avoid slipping on laminate, hardwood or ceramic tiles.

5. Watch for water on the floor when you get out of a warm bath or the hot-tub. Not only is water slippery, if it starts to freeze if it becomes ice!

6. Use a stick or a walking cane. There is no shame in making sure you have back up to keep you balance especially when you show bravery for venturing outside.

7. Ice is everywhere and hard to spot. SO talk small steps, take your time and use handrails.

In general, be careful and be safe. Too many seniors are hospitalized and have altered lives because of falls that are completely avoidable.

If you have any other tips to share to help others, please submit a comment to this article so we can share with everyone.