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I remember when someone said the ‘dreaded D’  I used to think divorce. Unfortunately, now I think dementia. It seems everywhere I go, I meet people, hear stories and many of them revolve around dealing with dementia.

Statistics in North America for those suffering from dementia continue to rise. And did you know that are  millions of people caregiving in North America including many with dementia patients?

We have shared articles to help caregivers deal with the stress of managing a loved one. Check out our Caregiving section on this site for more great articles on caregiving.

There have also been some recent discoveries with links to dementia including a food and diabetes connection  and most recently between high blood pressure.

Dementia impacts not only the patient but their family and caregivers as well. Everyone that is connected to someone who has been diagnosed with dementia needs to focus on themselves to ensure everyone including the patient get the help and support they need.

Most importantly, everyone needs to know there is help and support available for everyone dealing with dementia. You are not alone and there are things you can do to manage the diagnosis.

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