Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Shares Insights on Dementia scaled
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Shares Insights on Dementia scaled

There are many articles out there that speak to senior health including dementia and hypertension as separate issues.

This latest news, from less than a week ago, is very interesting. The American Heart association announced that there may be a link between high blood pressure (hypertension) and dementia.

In the past, we have heard that treating high blood pressure reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke but now it may also help with dementia. Simply put, it appears that dementia may be caused by blood flow issues to the brain. And we know that hypertension impacts the flow of blood. So voila, it really makes sense.

So for those currently managing their blood pressure there may be more benefits than you had already heard about. What a great thing! One more reason to keep your blood pressure in check.

As always, we encourage everyone to manage their wellness by living an active and healthy lifestyle to help ward off illness and disease. This new information is just another validation to make it so! So keep working on maintaining your cognitive health, watch your blood pressure and learn as much as you can about senior health.

Please stay healthy seniors!

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