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John Lennon once wrote and sang, “Whatever gets you through the night” and as we are now fully into the winter season, I would like to adjust the lyrics to that great song title slightly to this, “Whatever gets you through the winter.”

Let’s face it, winter in Canada or even the Northern West, Central and Eastern parts of the United States, face some tough winters weather wise.

Plus, even though more light is returning, it is still fairly dark out and somewhat cloudier when we do have day light hours.

So, how can we get through this season, with our health, sanity and optimism for spring to arrive still intact?

The answer is EASY…so to speak, here are some life affirming ideas that can help you make it through the night but also the winter season!


To me, one of the key things you must do is to exercise. There are no exceptions, you must exercise, even for 30 minutes a day. Do a walk, ride an indoor stationary bike, stretch, do a yoga or Tai Chi class, swim, just do something to get your heart and endorphins going. Those endorphins help adjust your mood…and you will notice a bit of a high after you have done something physical.

I need to add the importance of eating right too…make sure you eat your veggies and fruits, take your vitamins, watch the carbs or they will be there next summer when you go to the beach and ask yourself, my oh my, how did my legs get larger?

Assist others – give back:

When you give to others, it tends to make you feel good. Do you notice that when someone you help smiles back and thanks you? Isn’t that worth the while? Find a cause that sparks your interest and give some time to others during the winter. (For the rest of the year too)! Do something you have passion for, for example, you can be an assistant hockey coach, mentor youth entrepreneurs, help seniors who need assistance in their day-to-day living, you can help at a hospital, a day care, a non-profit organization to assist the people they serve. Trust me on this though, it does your heart and mood good to give back a little…even a day or half day a month helps someone or an organization so much!

Sleep Get your Rest:

This is vital, especially this year, with a higher than normal flu season, get your rest, make sure your resistance is built up and you aren’t worn down. If you aren’t sleeping soundly, then talk to your doctor and maybe book a sleep study to determine why you aren’t getting enough sleep. I don’t mind a nice nap too on the weekends…it is winter, it is time to hibernate a little and a nap is a mini-hibernation and kind of like a mini-vacation too in a way.

YES! Say yes to 2 new things to start the year!

I have a confession to make. I have just said yes to doing two new things this year…one is I registered to take an improv class and my goal in one to three years is to begin to perform improv…even at my age, I believe you must and can have fun and I find the true art of improvising, taps into your creativity, communication skills and helps you learn. I said YES, to taking improv this winter and it starts at the end of January.

I am also saying yes to meeting a friend or colleague once a week (Sunday’s) for coffee. This gets me out of the house and out there…once I am out, I can exercise at the gym, do some errands and yes, I may have to layer up and dress warmly to beat the cold and give old man winter a good “what for”!

Say yes to something new this winter/year and see how your life improves. Challenge yourself to take a course, learn, meet someone you like or love over tea or coffee once a week. Make some social goals easy, fun and part of your week and life!

Can we get through the winter? YES, we can and it is “EASY”


Assist others

Sleep-get your rest

YES-say yes to 2 new things (that must be fun)