Funny how young girls are anxious to start menstruating but shortly there after, they wish they hadn’t started in the first place! Then we anxiously await for later in life when menstruation stops. But we also know that in order for that to happen aging women need to go through menopause. Along with this lovely part of getting older are many symptoms including hot flashes.

Of course the severity of symptoms including hot flashes varies from one to the next. Always a good idea to keep an open mind and talk to others who have experienced this journey and see how they managed. And of course laughing about it, sometimes helps because the cycle of life can be quite entertaining!

Over the years there have been many theories, medications etc. to help with menopause including combatting hot flashes.

The good news is, there are two new studies that have uncovered that perhaps an ingredient in beer, “hops” may benefit those experiencing hot flashes. Yes, beer!

Now that doesn’t mean going out and buying a 24 pack or stopping by the local pub. Drinking alcohol actually can increase the severity of hot flashes BUT there is another way to get this magical ingredient called ‘ hops’ that just may be the answer for some of us!

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This article is intended for informational purposes.  If you are 
experiencing symptoms of menopause, it is recommended you speak 
to your doctor or health practitioner.