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pexels photo 3768137

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Having hair that you’re happy and confident with is important at all ages, but it could be especially important for seniors. Alongside a few other key indicators, hair is an important part of the self-care picture that, when given attention, can lead to improved mood and self-esteem in seniors who had previously been experiencing symptoms of mental health problems. This was the conclusion of research published in the Oxford University Press Mind, Mood and Aesthetics journal, and it underlines an important point. Hair care is important for seniors, but given how hair is different across ages and demographics, it requires a little thought to get right.

Going natural

A great place to start in a careful hair regimen? Going natural. After a lifetime, hair is naturally a little more sensitive and needs a greater level of care. Unfortunately, most products on the market do a poor job of meeting this need. According to UK paper The Independent, many popular brands contain compounds like parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates and synthetic fragrances that can have long-term impacts on hair, including damage. Move towards products that favor all-natural ingredients. Often, non-natural haircare products contain crude oil by-products, which damage the scalp over time. Focusing instead on ingredients such as coconut oils and plant-based chemicals will provide your hair with better care and, as a side-impact, benefit the environment.

Using high quality accessories

Just as the quality of the products you use impact on your hair, so too do the accessories you use them with. This can range from scrubbers used in the shower through to the hair dryers that you use after washing. With senior hair, it’s important to act with care. Use soft materials, made from linen or other cloth, rather than harsher plastics or foam. When it comes to hair dryers, opt for lower heat and air pressure – it’ll do a better job of protecting the hair as it dries it. Finally, if using straighteners or tongs, it’s important to make sure they, too, aren’t used for too long, as they can damage hair if rested too long.

The wonder of masks

A great tactic for good hair quality in the long-term – as well as providing a short term mood boost – is the use of hair masks. As outlined by CNN, these products can help to provide a long-lasting and deep boost to the quality and feel of hair, and are an all-round pleasant experience. Doing it properly involves the same steps as you should take for all hair care products – using natural, non-petrochemical sourced ingredients. However, it’s even more important here, given how long the product will be in contact with your hair for.

Taking these step will help to keep your hair looking fantastic for a longer period. With hair less resilient than it might have been in the past, it’s important to take that into account when caring for it. The good news is that the steps you take will make it better looking and feeling than ever.