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Fitness and wellness content are all-pervading in the. Everyone wants to stay in shape and get that dream body. Everyone aspires to have a healthy lifestyle and follow their own gurus online. There’s a trend that sees more and more people jumping the wellness bandwagon and opening their channels/accounts to gain their legion of followers.

Opening a fitness/wellness account on current era Instagram is one of the most fundamental things you can do if you’re a fitness buff/coach/motivator. Instagram is a great platform in this regard. 

  • The first step is to create a new account for your fitness journey. Instagrammers seeking to follow and support other fitness enthusiasts incline towards a dedicated-wellness account. 
  • You’re free to add a personal flair to your profile. Many famous fitness Instagrammers share posts that feature their families. They share healthy friends and meals. 
  • Your profile details and first impressions are crucial. It must be a public account. For connecting with the larger fitness world/community, you need to ensure that you’ve a public account. 
  • It will keep your profile in hashtag groups and search results.
Underlining your objectives

Before you create content, align your fitness goals with Instagram goals. Work on inspirational stories. Let’s say weight loss was an impossible feat for you at one point in time, but you worked out and planned your meals to achieve your goals.

You can inspire countless people in this way. Fit mothers are everyone’s inspiration. Their main aim is to help other moms gain confidence and motivation after childbirth, shed those excess kilos, and embark on a fat to flab journey with fantastic workouts and healthy meal plans. 

  • How many times have you come across a before-and-after montage of a mother holding her baby? That’s how you attract and inspire followers.
  • Although you can buy 20 Instagram likes from sites, getting your content across is always the best idea.
  • For sponsorship and endorsement, you can leverage your Insta page and tap top brands. Athletes do it frequently. 
  • Personal trainers can use Instagram to gain trust and credibility, and get new clients. There are fitness influencers, who use their profile for endorsing their online training programs and meal plans. 
  • You can also step into ecommerce. Instagram shopping features enable you to sell fitness products like athleisure and supplements. Your fitness account acts as your store.
Target your niche audience

As a fitness brand or influencer, getting the right hashtags is imperative. Insta is the hashtag hub. Use hashtags on your pictures and videos that describe the content. You can tailor hashtags to your campaigns and boost your photos. 

If you’re starting a healthy eating/lifestyle campaign, you want to show folks that eating good meals can be great and what you eat can taste and look great too.

Your hashtags can coincide with your campaign. You can use the same hashtags with your pictures of healthy dinners and lunches. You can then encourage your fans and followers to post their meals and channelize your hashtags. 

If you’re using campaign-specific hashtags, you need to encourage others to use your hashtags in the same posts.