ABCs of Goal Setting scaled
ABCs of Goal Setting scaled

As we kick it into a new season it is always wise to stop, assess and take stock. It is also a fabulous time to plan for the future ahead too.

Assess, how have you done so far this year? What results are you proud of and happy with? Take time to celebrate your successes. On the flip side…where did you fall short? Don’t fear looking at where you fell short. It doesn’t make you bad and you didn’t fail…but perhaps you just did not put the emphasis or effort into the goal or objective you wanted to achieve! It doesn’t mean you failed, to me it would just show you did not do the work you needed to achieve your goal!

Perhaps that goal wasn’t important to you…and your commitment to making it happen didn’t matter enough for you to put your 100% effort into it.

So Assess…see what has happened, reflect on where you fell short, or where you have excelled…and then re-commit to where you really want to go.

If you are setting goals where you are not all in…let those goals go for now…because if your commitment and the “Why” you want to achieve it is not strong enough, then the chances are you might not realize those goals happening.

The next step to good planning is to “Be” it…for the things you want to achieve, be it. Feel the goal first! Be the goal…if you want to have more clients, or earn more money…be it…act as if you have achieved the goal first!

The third key step in planning ahead is to “Chunk” things down. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Some of your goals or objectives are big…they might not happen over night and that is totally okay. You need to take steps each day towards the fulfillment of those goals. Chunk things down, set mini goals or milestones along the way, so you can take stock, give thanks, assess, re-commit and then move onto the next milestone or goal. Eventually you will arrive at your destination, but you do it in bite size pieces…

Remember along your journey to stop…breathe, take in the scenery, give thanks for where you are. own your successes, celebrate how well you have done and re-commit to what it is that really matters, to what you really want to have happen in your life and or business…

Take time to plan, Remember the “ABC’s” of planning…Assess, Be it…be the goal and then Chunk it down into smaller goals, goals you can make happen, then keep on, keep building until you get to the big goal!

May it be a great month…set good goals that are life affirming, be it around health, work, contribution, family, money…the key is to take the time you need to plan!