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Looking for something to do this summer? There are lots of activities that seniors will enjoy, especially outdoors while the weather is warm. Besides the usual standbys such as walking or swimming, why not try something new this year? Every time you learn a new thing, your brain creates new neurons and synapses. This is something to keep in mind as you age.

What are some ideas for fun activities for seniors?

  • Metal detecting. This has always been a popular activity at beaches, especially in areas that are warm year round. It’s also something you can do with your grandchildren. Look online for some of the best places for finding artifacts and find out if any are in your area.
  • Flea markets and craft shows. Many of us love to get out on a weekend morning and tour the garage sales. Take it a step further and look for craft shows near your area or flea markets. Make a day of it with the family and look for items you need or could use, especially if you are interested in crafts.
  • Outdoor festivals. Summer is the time for outdoor festivals of all types. Most communities hold their own with bands, a variety of food and more. If you are thinking of travelling this summer, think local and visit the festivals that are close to home.
  • Gardening. While gardening has always been a favourite activity for both young and old, try thinking outside the box this year. Try a rock garden or an herb garden. Pick out some perennial bulbs so you can count on plants and colourful flowers each year.







There are lots of outdoor activities that seniors can enjoy, from those that are easy for the less mobile to challenging activities for others. If you are a caregiver, click here to read about more activities for you to enjoy with your loved one or senior.