bigstock Rv Seniors Vertical Portrait 5695849 scaled
bigstock Rv Seniors Vertical Portrait 5695849 scaled

There is a new breed of retirees out there. To them, they are living the dream. Travelling south during the winter to spend the colder months in a warmer climate. Heading back north during the summer to take advantage of the cold, crisp lakes and fishing that the north has to offer. These are the seniors who are spending their retirement years travelling by RV (recreational vehicle).







There are several types of RVers. Those that travel several times a year for a vacation, those who travel part-time each year and those who spend their lives fulltime in their RV, travelling from place to place and staying for various lengths of time. Many of these have sold their homes and have committed themselves to their home on wheels.

Are there advantages to retirement on wheels?

  • Many seniors find that it’s easier to visit their children and grandchildren when they can travel easily. Then they can move on to another area of the country.
  • For a lot of us, the chance to take our time and see all of the national parks and other sights that we’ve always dreamed of seeing is a wonderful way to spend our retirement.
  • RVs are now a combination of luxury and practicality. You no longer have to go without the comforts of home while travelling.
  • For the social senior there is no better way to meet people, especially other RVers! Seniors travelling by RV are quite a friendly bunch. On the other hand, if you are looking for solitude and peaceful days, you have that option too.

The sale of RVs is growing quickly. Many of the new recreational vehicles are already set up to cater to those who wish to retire on wheels. Just think, endless sunsets, beautiful scenery and minimal maintenance! To read more on retirement on wheels, click here.

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