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nico bhlr CtK61qhBfyw unsplash scaled

Imagine you’re out in a field on a beautiful, sunny day.

You’ve spent a few hours in the great outdoors and you’re feeling good about life. You’re looking down at a hole you dug after your metal detector told you there was something special just a few inches below the surface.

You see something encrusted with dirt and you get butterflies.

Is it valuable? Or is it junk?

You brush it off and your heart skips a beat. It’s not junk. It’s a 16th century colonial brass
leather horse tack adornment, a small but exciting piece of history that, other than a little bit of rust, hasn’t been disturbed or seen in centuries.

Just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t mean you have to slow down.

In fact, studies have shown that learning new things is key to staying sharp!

Learning to metal detect is a fantastic choice for senior citizens because it combines learning new skills, exercise and getting out in the great outdoors. It’s also an opportunity to socialize by joining clubs or participating in group treasure hunts.

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