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RimsUSALLC seotool 36929 WhySeniorsShould image1

Retirees and seniors looking for their next adventure should look into visiting the national parks. While not all parks are currently open due to COVID-19, some remain partially open this time, and the parks will still be there when the COVID-19 storm clears. Here are a few reasons why seniors should visit the national parks.  

National Parks Aren’t Cheap Unless You’re a Senior  

Entrance into the national parks can be costly. Thankfully, the National Parks Service offers discount passes for seniors to enter each national park. While visiting one national park may cost an average visitor around $30 per visit, seniors can purchase an annual pass for $20 that grants them access to all national parks or an $80 pass that will last a lifetime.   

Avoid the Crowds  

Many national park visitors are bound by jobs or school. Retirees and seniors can visit the park during off-times such as the fall when kids return to school or during the weekday when tourists are less abundant. Visiting when the parks aren’t overly crowded will enhance the experience and allow you to take in the sights with fewer distractions.

A Breath of Fresh Air  

Visiting national parks is an exciting way to get outside. Getting outside now and then is imperative to senior health. Many seniors experience vitamin D deficiency, but vitamin D is crucial to senior health, as it can help reduce physical ailments. Rather than sitting on a back porch or a local park, take a road trip to the nearest national park for a day of soaking up vitamin D and enjoying beautiful views.   

If you’ve ever wondered why seniors should visit the national parks, look no further. The national parks are cheaper for seniors and give them the ability to enjoy the outdoors without large numbers of tourists crowding around. The national parks are a once in a lifetime experience everyone should see, no matter what age they are.