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The 6th article in the Dad’s Had a Stroke Series under our stories section. Stroke Rehab.

So Dad has been here at stroke rehab for more than a month now. We have a family meeting booked at the 6- week mark to discuss his progress. I am hoping that this meeting of the minds will be good news and they will tell us when Dad can come home. Up until now, it has just been physio, work with the occupational therapist and as many visits as we can make happen.

The patient coordinator kindly asks me when would be a good time for my sister and I to come in an talk. Thankfully, they acknowledge that we are both working full-time and have a distance to travel. Appointment booked and my sister, stepmom and I can’t wait to hear the prognosis. When can Dad come home!

We are choosing to be positive!

I have been keeping my Dad’s employer at bay on what’s going on. I told them he wasn’t well but we were optimistic that he would return soon. Dad is adamant that he must get back to work and fulfill his contract. His employer graciously is waiting for word on his return date. Dad has always worked even after he retired from his regular job. So not working is not in his vocabulary. While he vacations abroad in the winter. He expects to work when he returns to Canada every spring. This year will be no different in his mind. So after this meeting, we will all know. I can’t wait!

Up until now, while Dad is challenged by his one side of paralysis, he is able to speak much better, tells his crazy jokes and gives everyone a hard time. Dad is back! Or so we think. We are still thinking positively.

He does complain about the food and gives me an order for some home cooked food every time I see him. To which I oblige. Gotta feed him well! He still seems to get confused on where we are. Some days he is in different countries and we are travelling. He seems to be seeing things and people that aren’t really there but apparently that is a side effect to medication. I think it may be wishful thinking since he has always been an avid traveller and is missing some people.

On a business note, Dad is always curious when I pull out my laptop. He wants to know what I am working on. So I have been involving him in client proposals, business cases, strategic planning etc. He thrives when we do this. Between remembering every historical tidbit of information he ever heard or read about AND his ability to recollect all business knowledge surely is a good sign. I am forever positive.

So this upcoming family meeting on next steps will be good. We will know how far along Dad has come and know how to prepare for his homecoming. Very exciting!

I leave the rehab today feeling happy, exhilarated and one step closer to things being the way they were before Dad’s stroke! Yeah!

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