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1. Within reason, bring what is important to them. If they want to bring something instead of saying “NO” ask them why they want to bring it.

One man wanted to bring his sofa to one room in a retirement residence. On listening we discovered that he had slept on it for three years. We worked it in beautifully.

A lady had lived in her home for 84 years and wanted to bring all her orchids and was told there was no room for them. We knew there was.  When she arrived in her new home she was so surprised to see them all there.

Another lady wanted to bring a 12 place setting of china to one room. Her grand daughter was away at university and she wanted to personally give her the china when she came to visit.

2. If possible focus on the priority of getting them moved as stress free as possible. We prefer to empty their home, condo or apartment after they move. Years ago we went to move a lady and she had a bed, dresser, chair, table, tv, and 2 lamps left in her large home. I don’t know how she felt but we were devastated that this was the last memories of her home

3. Work together with other family members. We all want to “look good” in the eyes of a parent or loved one. Most parents desire that their children have a working relationship with each other. To give a mom the memory of her children working together is actually a GIFT for her. She knows that one day she will be gone and hopes that the children will still have a relationship.

4. If needed book movers, elevator(s), phone, cable people. Confirm the move a couple of days before the move so there are no surprises.

5. If possible, when things are moving out have your loved one(s) busy somewhere else.(go for a drive, out for lunch, visit a friend…) It is safer for everyone when furniture is being moved not to have extra people there. For many seniors it is very emotional as reality hits them that they are leaving their home for good.