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If you’re a parent, the health of you and your family is one of your top priorities. You want to give your children the best care possible, so they grow up to be healthy young adults. 

The lifestyle we lead when we have children is the one they’re going to adapt to in the future. A study in Europe found that obesity later in life was more frequent when parents had a problem with alcohol and smoked. 

Parents are role models for their children, so it’s crucial to teach them healthy habits. If you need some ideas to get started, don’t worry. We’re going to go over our top six tips to keep your family healthy in 2020.


Eat Healthy Together

Sitting down for dinner every night has positive impacts on communication between parents and their offspring, as well as children’s view on food. At the table, you can ask your kids about their day without other interruptions. This will build a healthy relationship between you and make them more likely to share any issues with you. 

Having children get involved with cooking can help educate them about what goes into their food and also be an enjoyable activity for all the family to do together.

Incorporate as much healthy food into dinners as possible with lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains. Not only is this great for growth, but it will help form healthy lifestyle choices for the future. 

Exercise Together

Exercising with your kids can be anything from taking the dog on a walk to playing in the playground together. It doesn’t need to be a full-blown workout routine.

If they’re old enough, you can sign them up for sports. It’s not always possible when you’re busy with work, but you need to go to their games or practice on the weekend with them to show them your support. 

When children are active and see you being active as an adult, they’ll be more likely to continue this trend in the future. 


Take Children to the Doctor and Dentist

Taking your children to get regular checkups will keep them healthy. If the doctor sees any health concerns, you can address it and take care of it before it gets worse. Making sure your children have the proper vaccines will keep them safe from serious diseases. 

Going to the dentist is essential to everyone’s health because your teeth can determine medical conditions. They’re an integral part of the digestive system. If your child has a cavity, it’s better to get it filled than incurring worse problems like a root canal or having the tooth pulled. 

Again, establishing these routines will create a lifelong impact on how your children view health checkups and their importance. 

Limit Screen Time

You shouldn’t spend too much time watching television together or giving your phone to your children to play video games with. It’s best to limit screen time. Occasional movie nights or a television program you all enjoy together is acceptable, but incorporating other activities is better for your children’s health. 

Blue light, which comes from all screens, disrupts sleeping habits and isn’t good for your eyes. Instead of focusing family time around technology, you can do arts and crafts, read to them, do homework together, or play board games. 

All of these activities will challenge the minds of your children and teach them essential life skills. They’ll do better in school, which will set them up for a better life. 

Protect Against Electromagnetic Radiation

We live in a world where we can’t escape technology. Smartphones, computers, televisions, Bluetooth devices, and wifi are around us 24/7. These devices emit electromagnetic radiation in our environment. 

Increased radiation can damage our DNA, decrease white and red blood cells, decline our immune system, change our hormone levels, and increase the chances of certain types of cancer. It’s difficult to live without these technologies these days, but you also don’t want to create health problems for your children. 

Luckily, there are EMF protection devices that harmonize electromagnetic radiation to minimize health complications. This one from EMF-Harmony.com operates on a subatomic level to protect you and your loved ones from radiation. 


Practice Good Hygiene

Making sure your home is clean is vital for a child’s health. Living with mold, bacteria, or dirt around can be dangerous. If they’re continually breathing this in, they can develop respiratory problems.

You need to bathe your child at least every two days and teach them how to wash their hands properly. Overall good hygiene keeps our body safe from bacteria and viruses that are all around us. They’ll take these practices into adulthood with them.

The Bottom Line

To be a good parent, you need to teach and model a healthy lifestyle. Your children will follow whatever you do and later in life will repeat how you lived. Use our tips to start creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family toda