Falls can result in hip fractures, head injuries or even death. In many cases, those who have experienced a fall have a hard time recovering and their overall health deteriorates.







According to StopFalls.org, recent statistics show that:

·         More than 40% of people hospitalized from hip fractures do not return home and are not capable of living independently again;

·         25% of those who have fallen pass away each year;

·         On average, two older adults die from fall-related injuries every day in California.

A person is more likely to fall if s/he is age 80 or older or if s/he has previously fallen. Over time, people may feel unsteady when walking due to changes in physical abilities such as vision, hearing, sensation, and balance. People fearful of falling may reduce their involvement in activities which can lead to social isolation and depression. Further, many home environments present with to those unsteady on their feet including perils like area rugs and un-banistered staircases. The good news is that with adequate knowledge, falls can be prevented. The article would go further into ways to prevent falls, expanded upon the below bullets in an article for your readers. 

Ways to Prevent Falls: Researchers have identified that the most effective fall prevention programs have many components. 

Risk Assessment and Follow-up: 

First, a person needs to understand what may put them at risk for falling. Some risks can be reduced.  Medical providers can help to identify risks and develop a plan. The first step is to talk with a health professional about getting a risk assessment for falling.  

Balance & Mobility (Physical Activity): 

Specific physical activity can target reduce fall risk by increasing balance and mobility skills. 

Environmental Modification: 

Changes to the home and community environment can reduce hazards and help support a person in completing daily activities.  


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