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Joes Press Release scaled

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The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging (BRIA) presented its Sixth Annual Innovation in Caregiving Award to Bill-Ray Home Mobility, LLC of Kimberly, WI, on November 10, 2016 at its annual caregiving conference.  Bill-Ray Home Mobility LLC was selected for Friendly Beds, a device that enables people with disabilities or older adults with limited mobility to get in and out of bed more easily, among other features such as safety (for person and caregiver) and ability to remain at home as long as possible.

The Innovation in Caregiving Award recognizes individuals who, in the course of caring for an older adult or person with a disability, solve a caregiving challenge that eases the burden on caregivers.

Friendly Beds was developed by engineer Joe Vosters based on his experiences as a caregiver for his aging father and a brother-in-law who had suffered a stroke.

“I had to help with repositioning and helping them in and out of bed,” he recalls. After searching for a device that would assist with these tasks, Vosters gave up and took matters into his own hands. “Typical assistive bed-area items are flimsy trapezes and wobbly bedrails. I thought there was need for a heavy-duty system where the components work together for unique benefits.”

Friendly Beds include a 36” long trapeze that allows someone with limited mobility to move across a wide bed. A stable balance-pole aids in standing and maintaining balance, pivoting assist rails aid in repositioning and provide support for getting in and out of bed, and a transfer bar option allows safe/independent bed transfers for individuals with no leg strength. More information is available at

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