Bedroom scaled
Bedroom scaled

Seniors want to stay in their homes longer and also be safe. One issue that should be addressed is sleeping comfortably while keeping senior safety in mind in their bedrooms. Knowing that their bedroom is safe also goes a long way to helping with senior insomnia. Modifications can be done to your bedroom to ensure your safety while being comfortable.

Some safety modifications which are easy to make include the following:

• Railings or grab bars on the bedroom walls. These can be placed at a height that is convenient and help you to move about your bedroom. They can also be placed along the sides of dressers and on the doors if needed.
• Bed rails or low beds. If your bed is of average height, you will sleep more comfortably and safely knowing that you can’t roll out of bed by installing rails along the sides. These also help you to change position in bed and get out of your bed. Another choice is a low bed and these are popular and plentiful right now. A low platform type bed greatly reduces the risk of falling.
• Keep things simple. Change out heavy dressers for storage units that are easily accessible. Remove rugs that are a tripping hazard and make sure there is enough space to use a walker or wheelchair if needed.
• Place a sturdy chair beside the bed to aid in standing and also to sit in while getting dressed.
• Nightlights placed throughout the room and also in the hallway outside will help to avoid falls in the dark.

  • If you have a disability that makes it challenging to get in and out of bed, there are products available to assist you like, the award winning Friendly Beds.

Seniors not only want to be safe in their bedrooms, they also want to be comfortable. A sturdy bedside table with a phone nearby is not only helpful but essential. Linens and blankets that are the right weight and soft on the skin help seniors to sleep more comfortably. Make sure pillows are the proper thickness and drapes or blinds keep the room dark enough. Since seniors wake easily, a quiet room is necessary. Invest in a white noise machine or play relaxing music at a low level to aid in sleep.

Senior safety doesn’t mean giving up comfort. You can have both and sleep well.