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Financial questions for caregivers and seniors can be quite simple yet seem endless.
Do you know how much money is available to provide care, if needed? Do you know how much homecare services cost? Do you know how much long term care costs?
What about end of life expenses, we don’t even want to think about that but we should. Who will handle these? Is there money for these? If not, who will pay?
Then there are senior scams all over the place. Seems like some solid financial advice is needed!

Sadly, a new report provided to the Financial Post from ratings agency Equifax Canada Inc. shows that the average debt for consumers aged 65 and over has been climbing by approximately 7% per year, the largest increase for any age...
Fraud is the number one crime against senior Canadians. Though people of all ages can be victims of fraud, seniors are targeted more often because they can be more trusting and may not have family or friends close by...