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Findings underscore the effectiveness of proactive listening in an anonymous, non-clinical  setting on improving the emotional state of those who need to be heard; 97 percent of callers  leave the Listeners On Call platform in a more positive state 

Dallas, TX, March 2, 2021 Listeners On Call (LOC), the pioneer in consumer listening  services, today announced the findings of a study designed to highlight the dramatic impact of  consumer listening on improving humans’ emotional state – how important is it to simply feel  heard? 

In March 2020, the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, calls to the “Disaster Distress  Helpline” at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration saw an 891  percent increase in call volume compared with March 2019. The pandemic has introduced a  slew of new stressors to people globally, and while stigmas and other barriers to access exist  around talking to a clinical professional, sometimes all we need is someone to talk to who will  listen and relate to what we’re going through. 

To demonstrate how basic human connection can help someone through a tough time, LOC  partnered with experience measurement technology, Morphii, to analyze Callers’ dispositions  before and after engaging with a Listener. Morphii is integrated into the LOC app to capture  Callers’ positive or negative disposition, as well as the intensity of that disposition, before and  after engaging with a Listener. Callers use Morphii to express their disposition on a dynamic  scale ranging from intensely negative to intensely positive emotional states, pre- and post-call to  determine the precise impact of their interaction with a Listener. 

The study found that LOC’s platform — which allows individuals to connect with someone who  shares a related personal experience whenever and wherever they want, and in a non-clinical,  anonymous setting — is extremely effective in boosting one’s emotional state. 

The findings represent data gathered from more than LOC Caller Experience Records between  July and December 2020. The study measured call length and impact on caller disposition, as  well as trends in Caller disposition and the reason for their call.  

Notable findings include: 
  • Almost all Callers (97 percent) leave the Listeners On Call platform in a more positive  state 
  • Overall, Callers experienced a 115 percent improvement in disposition from pre-to-post  call 
  • Callers identifying isolation/loss as the reason for seeking Listeners reported an average  improvement of 151 percent
  • Callers seeking Listeners to cope with stress demonstrated a 184 percent improvement ● Lastly, Callers who did not designate a specific topic, but who simply needed to talk/vent  averaged an 89 percent improvement from pre- to post-call 

These findings are evidence that the simple act of listening can make all the difference in an  individual’s emotional state, which is especially important now during a pandemic that has  impacted everyone, whether it be through loss, financial hardship or challenges balancing  remote working and parenting to name a few. This study found that just by talking to someone  with a shared experience and feeling heard, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of Callers reporting  isolation/loss went from a negative to positive disposition; three-in-four (74 percent) callers  reporting stress went from a negative disposition to positive, and 100 percent of callers who just  wanted to vent/talk reported a more positive disposition after despite having the best starting  disposition, demonstrating the value of listening even when Callers don’t have anything  particular to discuss.  

“Our mission at Listeners On Call is to ensure that no one ever feels like they’re facing life  alone, and during these times of social distancing and quarantining where we’re more  disconnected than ever before, the importance of this mission is amplified,” said Cole Egger,  Co-Founder and CEO of Listeners on Call. “When we look at the epidemic of loneliness, we do  not immediately assume that everyone who feels alone needs professional help. We believe  that human connection is the antidote to loneliness, which is why we created Listeners on Call – to provide individuals with an on-demand platform where they can connect with another human  who can empathize with what they’re going through and feel heard. As evidenced by these  findings, this increased access to peer support and understanding can make all the difference.” 

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the world was facing a loneliness epidemic – in the U.S.  alone, 60 percent of adults experience feelings of loneliness. Listeners On Call exists to combat  loneliness by connecting those in need of support (Callers), with those willing to share their  experience (Listeners). The system suggests connections through personal stories and once  matched, manages the scheduling and process of connecting the two on a private conference  call. The service is available 24/7 and costs 50¢/minute, removing many of the barriers (cost,  compatibility, convenience and privacy) that exist when seeking professional help. Listeners on  Call creates a platform where everyone can be heard. 

To view the full findings from the study, please visit: https://www.listenersoncall.com/press morphii-research 

About Listeners On Call 

As the pioneer in Consumer Listening Services, Listeners On Call is a new platform that  promotes mental health and well-being by connecting Callers to trained Listeners — anonymously and affordably. Our foundational philosophy of Connected Listening builds on  shared experiences to create an immediate bond between Callers and Listeners. We are 

committed to connecting anyone, anywhere, anytime with someone who has a related personal  experience and is ready to listen, and are proud to offer on call empathy, privacy and support for  millions of people who need to feel heard. For more information, visit www.listenersoncall.com