Keeping Loved Ones Close

Losing someone you love can cause grief that may feel like it will never leave you. When someone special to you dies, keeping them close to your heart will be the most important thing to you and will help you to deal with your grief and feel comforted.

But how can you feel close to someone who you know is already gone, when you already feel so alone? Here are four ways that you can remember and honour your lost loved ones. Consider which of these tips might be useful to you, and try following them when you’re feeling low and lost. 

Physical Reminders

“Out of sight, out of mind” never applies to situations like these. Sometimes, no matter how long they’re gone, you still think of them constantly. A physical reminder or manifestation of who they were might actually be helpful for you. 

When you lose a loved one, you can look into memory boxes or other cremation keepsakes that will allow you to keep a piece of them close by you forever. You could also wear a piece of jewellery or keep a photograph or special item somewhere you’ll always see it – such as next to your bed. 

Get a Tattoo

If you would like a permanent reminder of what they meant to you, a memorial tattoo might be a good idea. Tattoos are a commitment, and this could be an amazing way to honour your lost loved one and keep them with you for the rest of your life, wherever you may go. 

You might choose a special date such as their birthday, their favourite number, their name, something written to you in their handwriting, an inside joke you shared or something equally sentimental. You could get the tattoo close to your heart or anywhere else you feel might be fitting. 

Write to Them

Many of us know the value of writing a letter to someone we care about. It makes them feel special and it allows us our express our feelings too. Writing to our lost loved ones is a special way to communicate with them even when they’re gone. 

Even though you know they will never read your words, taking the time to speak to them, express how you feel and lay down your heart to them can still be a therapeutic experience for you, helping you to process things and feel connected to them. 

Spend Time With Others

Communicating with others about the loss of your loved one is another important way to stay connected to them. If you have shared family or friends, spending time with these people will help you to feel closer to the one you love.

Talk about the person you have lost – share stories and grieve together. However, try to talk about other things as well. Focus on positive things and work on your relationship with these people separately. You might be surprised by how this connects you to your loved one, even in their absence.