VPEcards stands for Voice-Painted E-cards because that’s how users of the online program make fun holiday E-cards: with their voices. We at VisiSound Technologies are offering it for free during the 2021 holiday season as a way of saying Welcome Back.

People anywhere can make and share voice-painted E-cards just by going to vpecards.com on any device from laptops to smartphones. It’s fun and easy to use. Seniors can send their cards to their kids and grand-kids who will delight in the voice-painted cards and respond by sending cards they make in return.

There are two flavors of VPEcards. The first is the “Holiday” version that allows users to voice-paint decorations on a variety of classic and original holiday images like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

The other is the “Pets Holiday” version that allows users to upload photos of their pets on to their cards which the program places in a voice-painted holiday frame of garland. Both programs are intended for the young at heart of all ages.

VisiSound Technologies specializes in providing interactive multimedia software. As VPEcards’ creator, and as a Psychologist and Technologist, I believe that the voice is part of what’ makes the cards distinctive: each one carries a personal spoken message for the person receiving the card and at the same time engages them as the voice literally paints-out the card. We think this makes the card more personal and meaningful for both the sender and the receiver. And most of all, it’s designed to be fun.