markus spiske Z27H1OJNu2o unsplash scaled
markus spiske Z27H1OJNu2o unsplash scaled

The longer we live, the more we sometimes stop and think, remember when? Bygone times seem so much easier and it was not really that long ago that life was so different. The digital age has made a gigantic change in the way we live and how we do things. Many find it simpler but for those of use who grew up fifty, sixty or more years ago, it’s just adding more work to something that was once so easy.

Remember when you could mail order an entire house in a giant DIY kit? Yes, it’s true. It wasn’t long ago that you could. Long before the times of Walmart, Sears gave you a choice of houses you could order directly from their catalogue. It would be shipped to you with instructions for assembly.








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