Wireless Discounts for Seniors

Finding a wireless plan that’s right for you can be a challenge – with different networks, competing  benefits, and confusing offers, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best deal. 

But something we do know: T-Mobile is the only wireless provider that offers discounts to seniors living  anywhere in the country. 

A recent Carrier Callout from T-Mobile highlighted that unless residing in Florida, no AT&T or Verizon  customer is elible for a senior discount. These wireless providers overlook 92% of seniors around the  country, automatically disqualifying them from a discount they deserve simply because they don’t live  in the Sunshine State. 

To arm seniors with the resources they need to address the problem, T-Mobile launched a fun new  website, BannedSeniors.com. Seniors everywhere can learn how to navigate the loopholes to qualify for  wireless discounts only available in the Sunshine State, or get information about T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans with discounts available for 100% of the country’s senior population.  

In addition to the website, the Un-carrier opened a pop up Wireless Discount Information Center at the  Arrowhead Towne Center mall, located outside Sun City, Arizona – one of the largest retirement  communities in the country. In order to provide resources to the 1.5 million seniors residing in the Grand Canyon State, T-Mobile deployed a mobile billboard and the pop up center open Sunday, August 28  through Tuesday, August 30.

How to get a senior wireless discount 

BannedSeniors.com details two ways for age-eligible AT&T and Verizon customers to get a senior  discount from one of the three nationwide wireless providers: have a Florida address or switch to a T Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan. 

If you’re currently a T-Mobile customer, you’ve already been taking advantage of the only nationally  discounted wireless network. But for AT&T and Version customers residing outside of Florida, BannedSeniors.com can help you: 

  • Get a virtual mailbox – A virtual mailbox is a relatively easy way to get a Florida address. BannedSeniors.com walks users through the process to get a real, physical, discount qualifying Florida address. One caveat: AT&T makes its customers physically go to a store in Florida to verify eligibility.
  • Buy Florida real estate – T-Mobile enlisted the help of legendary Florida real estate agent,  Bobby Auerbach, to help Verizon and AT&T customers move to the one and only state they can  get a wireless discount without switching providers.  
  • Switch to T-Mobile – T-Mobile has 55+ plans available no matter what state you live in. The  basic unlimited plan for people 55 years or older – Essentials 55+ – saves people 50%  compared to AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile also has other discounted 55+ plans that include  Netflix On Us plus AAA free for a year. Combined with the largest, fastest and most reliable  nationwide 5G network, T-Mobile provides incredible value to anyone 55 or older. 
T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plans  

By switching to a T-Mobile 55+ plan, seniors can take advantage of major savings while enjoying 5G access plus other great benefits and discount.

  • Save 50% with an Unlimited Essentials 55+ plan 
  • Get  two unlimited lines on Essentials 55+ plan for $27.50/line with 5G access include.
  • With Price Lock,  the price of your rate plan will always stay the same. 

The Un-carrier’s Extended Range 5G covers nearly everyone in the country – 315 million people across  1.8 million square miles. 225 million people nationwide are covered with super-fast Ultra Capacity 5G,  and T-Mobile expects to cover 260 million in 2022 and 300 million next year. Not to mention qualifying  plans get free high-speed data abroad in 210+ locations and free in-flight connectivity, Netflix on Us, a  free year of Paramount+, discounts on YouTubeTV and Philo for a year, free stuff every Tuesday with T Mobile Tuesday, and more.

Carrier Callout  

This isn’t T-Mobile’s first Carrier Callout, and the Un-carrier shows no signs of slowing down to help  unleash wireless discounts for all senior, not just those who reside in Florida. Seniors deserve better, so  T-Mobile will continue to fight on behalf of all wireless customers, calling out The Carrier’s poor customer treatment and challenging them to step up for seniors until change happens. 



Ban of Senior Discounts