ceiling chandelier contemporary 2517507 scaled
ceiling chandelier contemporary 2517507 scaled

Decorating the house is a journey that never ends – our tastes evolve over time and so does our style, resulting in frequent changes. The problem lies in the cost to redecorate. You can also get more ideas here to improve home renovation work.  We made a list of twelve ways to do it without touching the wallet. Roll up the sleeves and make the environments look new with these tricks:









1. Rethink your layout


Separate paper, pen and a lot of strength: putting the furniture and accessories you already own in different positions the house can become. Observe the environments and draw the possibilities first. Only then test the favourites, moving a piece from one corner to the other, removing a mural or exchanging objects between the rooms. If necessary, call a friend willing to help move everything.


2. Turn your rug upside down


Some rugs, especially oriental rugs, can be turned upside down to reveal the texture of the braided material and dull colours. The result is an unexpected vintage effect. Not always the trick works, but worth trying if you feel like changing the carpet in the room.


3. Decorate with backyard green


Go to the backyard, visit a square or a park and collect some branches, both empty and with leaves still green. They can be used in a variety of ways, bringing nature indoors in a sculptural way!


4. Remove the finish from a wooden furniture.


Some furniture, especially those purchased in antique stores or the sale of thrift stores, may have been renovated earlier. This means that there are layers of paint between the current appearance of the part and the original material.


5. Enjoy the saved ink


Who has never painted the house and stored the paint left in cans in the warehouse or garage? This rest can – and should – be reused to create highlights. Try colouring the door to a room or a coffee table!


6. Try minimalism


One of the advantages of the minimalist style is precisely that it does not need much to stay beautiful and work. It is possible to remove objects from environments to adapt them to minimalism – as nothing is new, no money is spent! Editing the decor can also make you realize that some pieces did not fit the house and that others are really essential in the décor. In this case, even if you decide that decorating with less is not your beach, the experience will make the next changes easier.


7. Hang the art of the little ones


Some children’s drawings, let’s face it, look like abstract art. Hang the best creations of the little ones, displaying them with pride in cheap frames or what you’ve had before. The result will be a colourful and adorable mural, different in the right measure.


8. Cover the headboard


The headboard fulfils the role of anchor of the decoration of the room, drawing attention by often occupying the centre of the environment. With so much emphasis, it is easy to get tired of it. When this happens, take the most beautiful blanket from the sofa and fold over the piece.


9. Hang vintage objects


We often keep inside the closet some objects that we cannot find use for – such as a very old tennis racket or vintage crockery, a family Heirlooms. Pieces like these can be displayed by the house and even hung on the wall, creating instant artistic arrangements!


10. Rearranging to shelf


Organize yours in different ways by combining existing accessories, art, vases, and books on the shelves.


11. Create a reading corner


A comfortable chair, lamp and coffee table can be turned into a nice reading corner without much effort. Combine furniture, even if you have to take them out of another environment, add pillows and try a new layout with a little corner to call your own.


12. Think Like a Designer


The way you think about the house can make all the difference. Observe the environments from a different point of view, trying to withdraw from the dwelling position.  Encouraging creativity can be the key to further change the home!