gifts for tea lovers
Photo by Evelin Horvath on Unsplash

Christmas is creeping closer. It’s only a handful of weeks left until we’re fully emerging into the holiday season again. If you’re enthusiastic about gifts, chances are high, that you’re already well-kited out for the upcoming month of festivities. But if you’re one of us, who struggle to find the right things to get after quite a few years of friend- or companionship, we’ve got some ideas for you. After all, who doesn’t find solace, joy, and connection in the comforting embrace of a steaming cuppa? So, if you know someone, here’s a curated collection of gifts to bring warmth and thoughtful consideration to the tea lovers among us.

Specialty Tea Samplers

There are so many fantastic different teas out there! Imagine the delight of someone close to you unwrapping a carefully curated assortment of high-quality teas. And from herbal blends to rare and unique concoctions, you can find anything. Especially now during the holidays, when there are special Christmas teas available, too. Most of them are now beautifully packaged, in great sets or even allowing for a personalised assortment if you know the giftee’s favourite blends. 

Useful Tea Accessories

If you like your tea a bit more than just the odd cuppas over the day, chances are, that you’ve got the need for quite a few specialised items. A fantastic gift for example is a tea infuser or strainer, which can hold loose tea without the need of a teabag surrounding it. They come in clean and slick, but also quite whimsical designs, such as animals or flowers, adding a nice little charm to their brewing routine. But always keep in mind that they need to be cleaned afterwards – so an easy-to-use option is preferable.

And of course, we all love some personalised mugs or even complete accessory sets. Teapots, cups, saucers, and spoons can all be customised. Or pick a thoughtfully coordinated set for a cohesive look. No matter if a timeless design, a touch of vintage, or their name and special pictures – a good tea set immediately makes the brew taste better. Way better! You could even opt for something as elegant as tea towels.

Tea Subscription Boxes

Here’s something quite modern: an ongoing exploration with a tea-of-the-month club subscription, that you can gift. Nowadays, there are subscription services for virtually anything and tea is no exception. Each month, the giftee will receive new and exciting teas right through their front door. A gift that keeps on giving!

Herb Garden Kit

For those of your friends that always had a green thumb throughout their lives, consider an herb garden kit! It can be used both inside, as well as outside, and allows them to grow their own herbs. That way, they’ll be able to create their own tea blends and spice up their tea rituals. Here are the most common herbs that are being used in a tea, if you want to create your own collection – but there are fantastic and elegantly pre-selected sets, too. And who knows? Maybe next year, you’ll be the receiver of a lovely, personalised tea – homemade by your giftee. Marvellous!