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We are so happy to let our audience know about some very new and exciting updates to share! We are always looking for new ways to provide you with the great information and content you enjoy. Most recently, we hope you have enjoyed Gerry Hennessey’s amazing article on Evolving verses Aging or Retiring. You can view it by clicking here if you missed it.

Gerry’s philosophy is simple, why age if you can evolve? It is such an inspiring and motivating way to look at getting older or look at retirement.

Our mantra at Seniors Lifestyle Magazine has always been, “Getting Older is Getting Better with Seniors Lifestyle,” and Gerry’s Evolve series with help keep us true to that.

Have ever heard the term vlog? Well, it stands for a communication channel like a website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos to inform and engage.

So, let’s get going with some vlogs!

Every couple of weeks, we will publish a new vlog from Gerry and each one will discuss a topic to help you work towards ‘evolving verses aging.” Gerry with share insights, personal
experiences and suggestions on how to make this change and this change will be for the better!

Watch our introduction video by clicking here and then keep watching
www.seniorslifestlyemag.com for more life changing videos coming your way.

Gerry Hennesey’s Evolving vs Aging Series is here!

Evolving vs aging