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Seniors look forward to the day they can finally retire. They know they’ll finally have lots of time to spend on their hobbies and leisure activities. But retirement can also include a change in lifestyle. For many, retirement can mean cutting down drastically on many activities they love to do. Financially, it’s difficult for them to afford the lifestyle they once had. There are lots of activities that are affordable and fun at the same time.

What are some of the affordable hobbies and activities that seniors can enjoy?

  • Give your mind a workout. Think of rainy days and cold freezing temperatures when you don’t want to go outdoors. What do you spend your time on then? Many seniors love to read, do jigsaw puzzles or word puzzles and crosswords. Always affordable and always enjoyable, you’ll have more time for them now.
  • Take classes. Either at your local community college, senior’s center or online, there are hundreds of classes, many of them free. What are your interests? What have you always been curious about? There is a class for that!
  • Arts and crafts. Take a look online or at your local craft store if you’re looking for ideas. Crafts can be relatively inexpensive and you can always go to the closest dollar store to save even more money on craft supplies. Interested in a craft but need help? Try a youtube video. There are numerous videos on youtube that can show you step by step how to build or create many things.
  • Check out your ancestors. Many of us are interested in where we came from but have had little time over the years to do a deep search. Now that you’re retired you can spend more time looking into your family tree. Make a scrapbook and pass it on to your grandchildren with information about their previous family members.







Enjoyable activities don’t have to break the bank. A fixed income doesn’t mean you can’t afford to have fun. Now that you have the time, learn something new. For more ideas on budget friendly activities for seniors, click here.