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Before you start shouting any yee-haw’s or buckaroo’s, there’s a few things to know if you’re planning on looking at any El Paso houses for sale. Texas as you know, is a huge state and home to many famous traditions, music, nightlife and cities. Locals know the ways and routes of everything Texas has to offer, and here we outline some things to follow before packing up your bags. 

Wear Sunscreen All the Time

Texas has many sunny days, not just in the summer. If you’re planning on running outside or hiking, pack good-quality sunscreen so you can prevent that painful burn. You may be used to normal, sunny days back home, but in Texas and especially El Paso, sunny days are bright and brutal. In fact, El Paso was named the sunniest city in the world where the sun shines almost every day. 

Be Prepared to Drink

Yes, hydration with water is important due to the heat and sunny days – but we aren’t talking about that kind of drink here. Margaritas are incredibly popular in Texas since they were actually born in Dallas! This invention of the classic drink was a moment in history for Texans and Mariano Martinez actually came up with a frozen margarita machine, also made in Dallas. The machine was altered for ease of use and is now called “Margaritaville.”

Cast Your Line

Because Texas is always so hot and sunny, locals head to the lakes and dip their feet in the water with a fishing rod in their hands. Lakes are so healthy and warm here in Texas, which means the conditions are always great and the fish never stop biting. Good Texas fishing is spent on a boat or kayak, and enjoying your yummy catch afterwards. 

You Need Air Conditioning

The Texas heat is just downright brutal, and without air conditioning, you won’t be sleeping well and will become dehydrated very quickly. Texas summers reach over 100 degrees and are very humid and balmy. Eastern Texas summers stay hot and humid, while those living in Western Texas still have the hot temperatures, but it’s drier. Always check to make sure your home’s AC is working, and never leave your pet or child unattended in your car. 

Bring a Vehicle

Sure, you can taxi or Uber around in the city, but Texas is so vast and wide with tons of land, so having your own car is almost necessary if you’re going to be living there. New York and LA are so close to everything that you can get around without your personal car. 

Be Prepared for a Large House

Homes in Texas have more square footage than most and it’s also cheaper. You’ll have more space to fill and more to work with, so you may find yourself purchasing some new furniture as well since it’s a cheaper cost of living. With all of that saved money, you’ll have a larger budget to decorate and splurge on some things to fill the larger space with.