hand therapy scaled
hand therapy scaled

My functional limitations have improved with treatment, but the last and most troubling has been my hand dexterity, coordination and strength.  As a writer, administrator, online teacher, etc I’ve gone back to two finger pecking along.  (Yes, everything you have seen this year on this blog has been two-finger typing.)







I started a new hobby (addressed next) and then was able to meet with a hand therapist (online) to learn exercises that would help me improve.  In my second session, I mentioned my working with air plants and the therapist said it was an excellent activity.  At first, I had a hard time getting the smallest plants in place, but this has slowly improved.  And, with exercise I’m typing this post with all fingers. (A little slower, still typos, and fatigue – but the fingers are moving more.)

My air plant story.

It all started while I was stuck in the house and on the sofa with my feet up.  I would venture over to the doors and look out while the family was gone. One day noticed a Tillandsia bergeri that had grown so big, it was hanging off the shelf it had been sitting on for at least 15 years.  I remembered I had already thinned out the one in a hanging cage upstairs – twice – and started thinking about what to do with all of this air plant.  Since I can’t throw live plants away, I started thinking of putting them in things to display.


The first thing I tried was a slotted wooden scraper I found at the dollar store.  Getting the plant wired to the wood took time with my jittery hands that didn’t always do what I wanted them to do.  But, my abilities progresses as I moved on to bigger and better projects.  To support my new habit, I launched a new Etsy shop.  I hope you will check it out and the great gift items I’ve created.

A word about the banner photograph for the shop.  It is a waterfall I saw during a hike early this year with my family during the California rains.  My feet were already getting numb and I had already started to fall, but I wanted to see what was out there.  With the help of a walking stick and my family to hold on to me we had a wonderful day of viewing nature at its finest.  I haven’t be back out there since.  Here is hoping to me seeing waterfalls again this year!

My parting words are to keep trying…. use what little muscle or mobility you have and do something, anything to keep moving.  Remember, use it, or lose it!