Not all seniors want to retire to a life of leisure, playing golf and travelling. Many seniors are taking the opportunity of free time to learn new skills. Seniors going back to school is becoming quite common.

What should you know about  seniors going back to school? 

  • Tuition is quite often free. Look around at community and online colleges to see what courses and degrees are available for you at no cost.
  • Many colleges and universities offer guest speakers, concerts and sporting events. The libraries now are quite different from those of years ago, with computers, audio books and e-books.
  • You don’t have to leave your home. If you are looking for a degree or certificate, most colleges and universities work together now to provide online learning and classes that you can do at your own pace. If you are just interested in a subject and not necessarily a certificate, take a look at sites like Coursera, edX or Alison. Most courses are free and there are hundreds to choose from.

What can going back to school do for you?

  • You will find it invigorating. Whether online or in class, learning improves your cognitive abilities and being part of something socially is good for you at any age. Staying mentally active improves your memory and school can be fun. Online courses usually have a way to chat with others who are taking the same course as you and you can make new friends of all ages and in many countries.
  • Going back to school creates a new lifestyle for you. Instead of finding yourself bored with nothing that excites you, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world based on new ideas and new concepts.
  • If you are thinking of launching a second career, school is the place to upgrade your business skills and learn everything you’ll need to know about taking your career in a different direction or starting a business.
  • It will keep you young. Having new interests and mingling with younger people will give you a new outlook on many things, including on how you live your life as you move forward.

Going back to school may seem scary at first, but think of everything you bring as a person when you go to classes. Many younger people enjoy the diversity and learn from you as they see how their education can affect their future. Whether for fun, an interest, or a second career, going back to school is one way to keep your life exciting as you age.