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As we’re aging, it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain a fresh look, as skin tends to dry and become thinner. The skincare routine needs to be adjusted and it can be useful to try out some of the new, effective rejuvenation treatments, that everyone is talking about. 

So, let’s start with some beauty tips for a fresh look for people over 60.

Fresh Skin 

No matter how old you are, skincare is important. It’s different depending on the age, and in your 60s the focus is on hydrating creams with antiaging effect and enough protection. Yes, it’s important to protect your skin from the cold as well as from the sun, so wearing an SPF is a must. Try not to spend too much time in the sun.

Only healthy skin is glowy skin, and the health of it depends on what you consume. So, make sure your diet is enriched with vitamins, fruits, and vegetables. Lower your caffeine intake and stop smoking – it speeds up the aging of the skin.

And don’t skip your skincare, especially in the evening. Clean your face thoroughly and apply your favorite serums and hydration cream that will stay on your face overnight. In the morning, after washing your face, apply a light moisturizer with an SPF, that will give your skin enough hydration and protection during the day. 

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Brows Can Do So Much

If you want your face to appear fresher and more awake, make sure your brows look good. A proper brow shape can affect the whole expression. With good brows, you can look rested and younger. 

A lot of women over 60 suffer from thinning eyebrows, so one of the solutions they are turning to is microblading, which a lot of salons such as PhiBrows Canada offer. Microblading is a form of an eyebrow tattoo, which creates small incisions that resemble natural hair strokes. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can go with powder brows, which are also a brow tattoo technique, but with soft, powdery results. They are also great if you like wearing makeup, to complete the look. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Almost every other person has tried out some of the cosmetic treatments for skin rejuvenation. If you have scars and imperfections you would like to get rid of, try microneedling. It takes a couple of sessions to get good results, but the serums used during the treatment are very effective. 

Dermabrasion is a treatment that’s a bit more aggressive than microneedling, but removes all the dead cells and is proven to be much more effective. 

When it comes to wrinkles and fine lines there are a lot of treatments that are great, but not completely effective. Botox is the only go-to treatment for erasing years off your face. Don’t be afraid to try it out. 

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Look After Your Lips

The skin of the lips tends to become drier as we age, especially if you wear lipstick every day. Your lips need proper hydration, and it is also best to apply a lip balm before bed and wake up with soft lips. 

If your lips become dry during the day, your lipstick may be drying. Apply a thin layer of lip balm before lipstick, to prevent that.

Makeup and Skincare in One Step

A lot of makeup producers are now turning to a healthier version of makeup, which is made not only to cover up all the imperfections of a face but to give it proper nourishment. So you may come across a foundation mixed with a cream or a serum, or lipstick that actually nourishes your lips. 

You may need some time to find perfects products for your skin, but it’s useful to explore a bit and check the ingredients list, as well as to try different products to find what suits you best. 

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Soft Hands

Don’t forget your hand cream, whenever you go. Keep it always in your purse, for whenever you feel you need additional care for your hands. Frequent washing and hand sanitizers dry out the skin, so a good hand cream is something worth investing in. 


A fresh look is in fact a matter of health. Only the healthy skin looks good, ao a regular hydration, healthy food and being physically active will be beneficial not only to your body but to your skin as well. Make sure you sleep well, eat healthily and wear a sunscreen.