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As seniors age and many become disabled or ill, they will need help to age safely in their homes. The cost of senior home care can vary, depending upon how much help is needed. Many seniors only need help with heavier jobs at home while there are some who will need help with just about everything, including dressing and bathing.

When looking for someone to help your loved one, keep in mind what they will need as the cost of senior home care can include:

  • Personal services such as helping with mobility and incontinence
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Companionship and assistance to medical appointments
  • Managing the symptoms of dementia and keeping your loved one safe
  • Taking over for a family caregiver to give them some much needed time off

Take a close look at what your family member needs for services, such as a nurse, occupational therapy, injections and/or pain management. Many seniors will only need part-time or occasional care which would be for a few hours a day, several days a week. To estimate just what the cost of senior home care will be for your loved one, decide how much care they will need:

  • A caregiver twice a week for several hours each day can cost approximately $500/mth
  • For someone with mobility issues who also needs help bathing and getting dressed as well as getting to appointments and shopping, that cost could rise to more than $1500 a month as the home care worker would need to spend more time on each visit
  • For those who are bed ridden or extremely ill and need a full time caregiver during the day, costs vary $5000+ per month. Note: overnight care can be even more $$
  • If you opt to find a private personal support worker (PSW) they can be found anywhere from $20 an hour and up depending on experience and the needs however they don’t offer medical assistance

Remember, in many cities seniors are eligible for programs which will keep the cost of senior home care lower and some may have no cost at all for a majority of their visits. Look into all of the possible resources where you live to find out what is available for your loved one to help with the cost of their care.

If you need help with getting some recommendations on home care, feel free to reach out to Seniors Lifestyle Care at https://www.seniorslifestylecare.com

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