Older adults are living full active lives far into their seniority these days due to the increasing body of knowledge about their health needs. Although there are unavoidable health limitations that occur with aging, there are steps that seniors can take to ensure that they enjoy their best life. If you are reaching retirement age, or have loved ones that are, here are a few things that need to be maximized to make sure that the aging process is as smooth as possible. 


Getting all the necessary nutrients for your body is important at any age, but as you get older it becomes even more crucial. The basis of good health is a nutrition-filled diet. There’s no magic bullet here, you simply need to eat a balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, quality fats and lean protein. If you have certain health conditions, you may have additional requirements or limitations on what you eat and you want to make sure you adhere to those needs. For instance, if you are dealing with diabetes or high blood pressure, there are definitely foods that are more optimal for you than others. Adhere to any prescribed diet and get the best foods you can afford, going for organic fruits and vegetables and grass-fed clean meats whenever you can. There are also several supplements that can be particularly helpful for seniors. A high-quality multivitamin supplement may be enough to support your body’s needs; however, if you have additional stressors on your body such as a chronic illness, you may need to add some extra help.

Supplements like CBD or CBG oil can help with a multitude of issues including anxiety. Because bone strength can decrease with age, you may want to use a calcium supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids can be very beneficial if you have rheumatoid arthritis or other joint issues. Speak with your physician or nutritionist about how these natural substances might be helpful to you.


Even if fitness has never been a part of your regular routine, you should start working out as you age. The aging process affects muscle tone, endurance and balance, all of which can negatively affect your quality of life and your ability to remain independent. If you are entering this phase of your life already fit, keep doing what you’re doing as long as it is safe for you to do so.

If you are new to physical fitness, you’ll want to choose a gentle introduction to exercise. Tai chi is a wonderful routine at any fitness level. The movements are gentle and low impact and the benefits include increased balance, increased muscle strength and lower levels of stress. Swimming is another exercise to consider. In the pool, you are able to use the natural resistance of the water to build strength while putting absolutely no strain on your joints. It is also a great aerobic exercise and will help keep your heart strong. If you are looking for strength training, you might want to try bodyweight workouts. Working with your own body means you don’t need to work with equipment that can cause injuries, and you can always increase or decrease the level of difficulty in your routine easily.


Many people find themselves becoming isolated as they age. It is important that you actively seek out opportunities to interact with others. Socialization has been proven to have positive effects on cognitive functioning and it is a safeguard against other mental and emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. Join groups at your local rec center or place of worship. Join clubs that interest you. Whether you are interested in gardening, card games, fitness, knitting, or parachute jumping, you can find a group of like-minded people and it is important that you do. Look for volunteer opportunities as well. You have a lifetime of valuable experience, why not let someone benefit from it. 

Healthy aging is not impossible, it just takes a bit of effort. Start now to focus on your diet, exercise regime and social involvement. There’s no reason why this later stage of life can’t be the best one yet.