Salt Therapy scaled
Salt Therapy scaled

For years, we have heard that a reduced salt diet is key to help with many health ailments . These benefits include lowering blood pressure, and reducing risks of heart attacks and strokes. It seems odd to be talking about the benefits of salt but we will because we are talking about salt therapy.







The rave of salt therapy has been happening in Europe for years. We are just starting to see various locations come to North America. Many benefits of salt therapy have been discussed and shared around the world. Some people use salt therapy daily or at least weekly to help improve their health.

What are the benefits?

There are many potential health benefits to salt therapy especially when it comes to breathing issues. Reduction in mucus and just general overall improvement in breathing conditions. There are ions that get released that can offer anti-inflammatory benefits. We know the benefits of anything that offers anti-inflammatory components.

Many health conditions benefit from exposure to anything that is deemed anti-inflammatory. Symptoms can be reduced and some actually eliminated.

Some see improvements in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Most have an overall feeling of wellness when they finish a therapy. And guess what? Everyone says the feel more relaxed.

Overall, salt therapy is good for any age and has even been suggested to help children with autism and ADHD. For seniors, the number one benefit noted is improved breathing.

How does salt therapy work?

You can opt to go into a salt cave and inhale the salts and reap the benefits of feeling better overall, breathe easier and possibly improve your skin. So why not?

You can also simply touch the warmed salts and after a few minutes, your hands will start to sweat a bit and you will actually start absorbing the salt ions which allow your body to reap some benefits.

Having salt lamps in any room also provides benefits as the salt ions are released from the block of salt that warms up when turned on, and those ions stay in the air.

At Seniors Lifestyle, we have a partnership with Salt Life Cave & Spa in Uxbridge. Some of our team have had the privilege of going there and experienced the hand & foot detox as well as the salt cave and all agreed it was time well spent. We felt much better!

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For those that live outside of Durham, you can see a list of other salt caves and read more about the benefits of salt therapy in the original article by clicking here

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