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I recently met with some friends who I have known for about 30 years, and was happy to see that in their seventies they still looked absolutely amazing and were still in great shape! During our visit, the conversation came up about playing pickleball, and to be honest, I was embarrassed to say I had never heard of it. So I thought I better check it out for our viewers!

Pickleball, seems to be the latest rave of having fun and exercising, especially for seniors but it has been around for a long time. Have you heard of it?

If you are looking for a new way to get out and enjoy yourself, pickleball may just be for you. Especially if your doctor has suggested that playing, squash, racquetball or tennis may be a bit challenging for you now. OR if you are fortunate enough to still enjoy these sports today, pickleball can be a great addition to your exercise routine.

So what is pickleball?

Pickleball is known as is a paddle sport. Paddle sport? It combines the concepts of tennis, table tennis and badminton and is a low impact and fun workout. You can play in pairs, or with three or four players. You use a paddle and hit a light polymer ball (bouncy ball) over a net.

Why do seniors and others like pickleball so much?
  • it is fast paced but low impact
  • it is easy to learn and get the hang of it
  • courts are typically small so not as much running around
  • keeping score is easy
  • it is easier on your body than some other sports
  • it is easy to play with your spouse, friends, children or grandchildren
  • prepare yourself to have fun while getting some exercise!

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Like any exercise, pickleball has many physical and mental health benefits.

Pickleball is available at many local recreation centres all over North America.

To find some locations listed in the US, click here

To find some locations listed in Canada, click here