Most forms of exercise are good for seniors. It increases their flexibility, helps with balance and makes their hearts stronger. Exercise improves your mood and helps to reduce anxiety and depression. It can even improve your brain. One of the best forms of exercise for seniors is swimming. Swimming is low impact. It doesn’t put strain on your body. You are also able to work many muscles.

What other benefits does swimming have for seniors?

  • Swimming can help build bone. For those with osteoporosis or at risk of developing it, swimming is one way to get a workout that is gentle on the bones while helping to improve them.
  • Since you get a full body workout while swimming, it helps to increase your flexibility. Many of us need help with strengthening our backs. Water exercise can help those with neck, back or hip pain.
  • Swimming can help you to age well. It reduces your blood pressure, improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain and helps keep your heart healthy. For those with joint inflammation, low impact exercise such as that which is done in water can help to increase flexibility without causing further damage.
  • If you suffer from asthma, swimming is one exercise that is good for you. It increases your lung capacity. Also, the moisture in the water keeps the bronchial tubes from becoming dry and contracting.
  • Physiotherapists often recommend water activity. If you are recovering from an injury or from surgery it provides a gentle method of exercising without causing further injury. People with multiple sclerosis or similar diseases use swimming as an ongoing therapy. Because of balance issues many seniors with these diseases can’t participate in regular forms of exercises.

Basic swimming and aerobics are some of the easiest exercises for seniors. These can be combined with water resistance exercises and relaxation in the water. Your local senior center or YMCA often offer classes if you are interested. Besides being a great form of exercise, swimming is fun!