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Pre-planning your own or your loved one’s funeral arrangements is something that is sometimes difficult to think about. But it is something that simply should be done.


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No one wants to think about their own or their loved ones’ death any sooner than they must, but planning funeral and cemetery services in advance, “preplanning” or “prearranging,” is a responsible, caring act that can reduce stress for both you and your grieving loved ones. It’s easy to understand how making decisions now about your final arrangements can help assure those left behind that your wishes are being honoured.

Unfortunately, despite the huge value that a pre-arranged funeral can bring (to both arranger and loved ones), the number of people that actually do pre-plan their funeral is likely far less than you would imagine. Why? They simply don’t understand all of the advantages that this service can offer.

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Making your final arrangements in advance allows you to influence all elements of your services, including songs, readings or other personal details that are important to you, so you can celebrate your life, your way.

Just as estate planning and creating a will are responsible actions, planning one’s final arrangements in advance makes emotional and financial sense and protects loved ones from the burden of planning these services.

When you prearrange your funeral and cemetery services, you’ll help alleviate your family’s burden of making difficult decisions at what will be an already difficult time. With your wishes recorded, they won’t be left to guess what you would have wanted.

Pre-planning Final Arrangements can help to put a person’s mind at ease that all of their wishes will be fulfilled. But the really important part about pre-arranging is that it also helps to ease the burden that is placed on a family during their time of grief. It is very comforting to know that the decision making pressure and even the financial burden need not be left to loved ones during the stressful days following a death. After all, family and friends are the most important parts of a person’s life. Whether you simply want to ensure that your wishes are carried out, or you want to protect your family from making difficult decisions at a time of loss, planning your final arrangements in advance is an important responsibility, and one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones.

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