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Pets have been shown in various studies to improve the lives of their owners. However, the joys of pet cuddles and playtime must be balanced with the responsibilities of providing a good quality of life for animals who depend on their owners for survival.

For seniors who love having a pet around, the challenges of feeding, grooming, and exercising a dog, for example, can be demanding, especially for someone with health issues. Fortunately, a few simple puppy hacks can help to cement the owner-pet bond and keep everyone happy.

Automatic Feeders

Most pets eat twice a day on average. Their food should be kept fresh and available on schedule, preferably without leaving it sitting out openly to attract insects and rodents. Automatic feeders are one of the perfect puppy hacks for older pet owners who won’t have to keep refilling the pet dishes at mealtime. The feeders can also dispense water as needed for the pet while keeping it fresh and sanitary until the pet is thirsty.

Mini Vacuum

Many people with pets like to thoroughly clean the carpet at least weekly or more often to pick up possible fur strands, fleas or ticks, and dirt brought indoors from the outside by active paws during outdoor time. A small, lightweight hand vacuum or mini vacuum cleaner can efficiently pick up pet-based debris as needed instead of hauling out the bigger vacuum sweeper. Keeping up with the routine floor vacuuming only in the areas that need it can save time and effort that can be applied less frequently with the bigger vacuum cleaner.

Toileting Pads

Some owners have their dogs trained to go outside for toileting, day or night. Often these excursions occur around the same time each day. However, if a dog’s stomach is upset or it has been having digestive issues, pet pads or pet diapers are another one of the great puppy hacks to help to prevent an awful cleanup. For seniors who walk their dogs outside for toileting, there may be days when errands or illness disrupt the regular outdoor schedule. Toileting supplies, when placed in the same location, consistently can help train a dog to use them instead of leaving a mess elsewhere in the house. The pads are easy to clean by folding them over and tossing them into the trash. Pet diapers have a similar benefit except that the dog wears the pad and uses it as needed. The soiled pad can then simply be discarded.

Smart Pet Door

While a pet door located in your home’s door has been a traditional way to let dogs in and out when they want to go outside, seniors may worry about wildlife getting in, like a raccoon or possum. A smart pet door only opens for your pet by recognizing a specific signal on your dog’s collar. Other animals cannot use the pet entrance. An electronic pet door provides the senior owner with convenience to let the dog come and go as desired without the necessity of walking the pet. It also gives peace of mind against the worry of other animals coming inside through the pet entrance.

Pet Insurance

Low-cost pet insurance plans are available to cover checkups, vaccinations, and veterinary treatment if needed. For seniors on a budget, the cost of insurance may be cheaper than paying full price for every vet visit. Weigh your pet’s age and health against the potential need for frequent or infrequent veterinary care.

No-Chew Spray

Seniors don’t want their dog chewing up their shoes or furniture. Safe, non-toxic products are available to apply to things your pet likes to chew. After initial training, the pup may learn to ignore the urge to tear into the forbidden items.

Use Baby Diaper Wipes for Quick Clean-ups

Instead of taking time to unroll some paper towels and get them wet for a pet spill or cleanup, use baby wipes. Moist, scented or not, they can be kept ready for use in any area where they might be needed. The wipes are great for wiping muddy paws, cleaning up food or water spills, and even grabbing a few loose strands of fur.

Seniors can save time and money as well as concern or frustration by using simple and affordable tips and tricks like these.